1-22 Sakaicho Tochigi-city Tochigi-Pref. 328-0043, Japan
Phone +81-282-22-0324(Outside Japan)
Fax +81-282-22-0346(Outside Japan)

Thank you for accessing Hotel Kadoya's website. This website provides information regarding our hotel and a restaurant/bar named J.Heart 1999,
Hotel Kadoya is a new hotel which has been built on the previous site of the Business Hotel Kadoya. Hotel Kadoya is located in front of Tochigi Station in Tochigi-City. Tochigi-city is located in the northern Kanto Plain approximately one hour and a half from Tokyo station by Shinkansen and JR Ryomo line or an hour and 15 minutes from Asakusa station in Tokyo by rapid train on Tobu Nikko line.
Hotel Kadoya is one of the best location for enjoying golfing and sightseeing activities. The hotel is conveniently located less than a minute from the station on foot.

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Ajisai () means hydrangea in English.
The Uzuma river flows through the center of Tochigi-city and because of this Tochigi-City prospered in merchandising during the Edo Era which was 100-300 years ago.
The capital of Tochigi-Pref. during the beginning of the Meiji Era was Tochigi-city.
Located in the city there are many historical sites.
Tochigi-city appeals to many people as a "Kura no Machi" that is town for many old and attractive warehouses. Therefore a lot of people visit Tochigi every year.